As we strolled along the dog friendly beach in Broad Haven and dipped our toes in the chilly rock pools we mused that it would be nice to bring a dog here. We watched as excited Spaniels and yappy Schnauzers ran past and chased balls into the waves and we both felt that a dog was what we were missing on this holiday to Pembrokeshire.

Fast forward 2 years and Stitch, who is now a year old, is snoozing in the footwell of the car as we make our way from Bristol to Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire. We’ve rented a dog friendly cottage just a stones throw from the dog friendly Broad Haven beach front. Just a 2.5 hour drive with added breaks for Stitch and it feels like we’ve arrived in a different country.

Dog Friendly Beach in Pembrokeshire

The left hand side of the beach, which curves around to Little Haven during low tide, is where dogs are permitted. There’s lots of rock pools to splash around in and explore and the waves are gentle enough for Stitch to dip his toes and keep cool. A few days into our trip the weather became a bit windy so the waves became choppier so we avoided throwing his ball too close.

One of the quirks I’d read about French Bulldogs is that they’re build means they’re not great swimmers as they tend to sink. We bought a dog life jacket to be able to give Stitch freedom and us peace of mind. The first day we got to Broad Haven, before unpacking the life jacket, we ran straight down to the beach without the life jacket but not expecting to be testing Stitch’s swimming skills just yet.

As Stitch paddled through the shallow waves we unexpectedly came across a deep rock pool and the floor fell out from underneath him. Like over protective parents we ran over to help but without hesitation he doggy-paddled to safety. No sinking! Stitch wasn’t overly impressed but carried on weaving around the rock pools.

Dog Friendly Cottage in Pembrokeshire

For both trips to Pembrokeshire we rented a cottage through Coastal Cottages because they have lots of dog friendly accomodation available and the amount of information they provide beforehand is brilliant. I like to plan ahead with these trips so this eased my obsessive planning tendencies!

We chose Puffin Cottage which is a 2 minute walk from the beach front, nestled in the beautiful, quiet village of Broad Haven. There’s an enclosed garden so Stitch comes and goes as he pleases and we have BBQs outside of an evening.

The recently renovated cottage is beautiful with a giant kitchen that makes me want to live there. Stitch tends to get underfoot when we’re busying about the kitchen so there’s was plenty of room for him to sit and watch (and wait for any wandering crumbs that might tumble off the table).

Our main reason for choosing this cottage is because of how incredibly close to the beach it is. We get up early and walk Stitch while it’s still cool and the beach is quiet then head back for some lunch to avoid the midday sun which isn’t good for heat-intolerant Frenchies. We then wander back and forth from the cottage to the beach as and when we please which is perfect for us.

We had a wonderful break on Broad Haven and Stitch had the time of his life! We’re already planning our next break there 🙂


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