iFetch Review – Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

I decided to get an automatic ball thrower for dogs when Stitch started getting a little destructive when he wasn’t getting enough attention or if we left him alone for an hour or two. I came across the iFetch and kept an eye on a few eBay auctions so I was able to snap one up a bit cheaper, so here’s my review of the iFetch ball launcher for small dogs.


  • x3 Distances Options: 10, 20 and 30 feet – we use 20ft for our hallway
  • 3x iFetch 4cm x 4cm balls included
  • Works on mains and battery power
  • Weighs 1.4kg
  • Measures 37.6 x 25.6 x 29 cm
  • RRP £129.99 but look for some being auctioned on eBay
  • “Weatherproof” but I’ve not fully tested that

Round One

Stitch and I sit excitedly on the sofa together and open up the packaging, Stitch tears away at the plastic post bag while I open up the box. The iFetch ball launcher has really lovely, simple packaging which suggests that it’s a well thought out product.

To get Stitch started I put the ball in myself and he runs up and down the hallway chasing it and bringing it back. There’s a button on the back of the iFetch which allows you to move through the three launch settings depending on how far you want it to launch the ball. The opening where your dog places the ball is a cone shape so there’s plenty of room for them to drop it into place without too much precision.

Once the ball is in place the iFetch starts up with a few whirring noises and a couple of seconds later it launches the ball and Stitch launches after it. After a few goes of me wrestling the ball from Stitch I start to direct him towards the opening with the command “drop it” and he slowly starts to understand what he needs to do.

Potential Issue: Stitch would much rather fetch the ball and rip it to shreds in his bed! The iFetch includes 3 balls as standard so I’ll definitely need to order some more. They measure 4cm in diameter so I’ll need to order some to match. The iFetch balls are expensive and easy for Stitch to destroy. The KONG Squeakair balls look to be the right size and reviewer on Amazon suggested squash balls too.

I’m keeping the practice sessions short so Stitch doesn’t lose interest so more tomorrow!

Round Two

ifetch dog ball launcher review

Stitch is really getting to grips with the iFetch ball launcher now! Using a treat as incentive and pointing to the opening he runs back and places the ball into the iFetch and waits excitedly for the ball to launch again. Every now and then he decides he would rather chew on the ball out of my reach but it doesn’t take long to coerce him back.

He thoroughly enjoys the iFetch and has been quick to learn how it works. The next step is for him to play with it independently and hopefully when we’re not home. I can set up our PIXIE pet camera to test this out once Stitch plays with it without me sitting with him and encouraging him. I’ll keep this post updated with more on the iFetch ball launcher review as Stitch learns how to use it more and more.

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